Iraq: PAX issues new report on conflict pollution in Iraq


from the Toxic Remnants of War Network

During the third session of the UN Environmental Assembly, PAX launched a new report on conflict pollution in Iraq, titled ‘Living under a black sky’. As PAX’s Foeke Postma reports, the launch event provided a unique opportunity to bring relevant experts together to discuss the findings with the Iraqi Deputy Minister of Health and Environment, and to dive deeper into Iraq’s struggle with environmental degradation and pollution.

Moderating, the Toxic Remnants of War Project’s Doug Weir introduced the work of the TRW Network and the topic of conflict pollution, thanking the delegation of Iraq for its initiative to bring forward a resolution on the topic. As a cross-cutting issue, he noted that situations of armed conflict have the potential to impact all the pollution themes under consideration at UNEA-3. Because, in addition to the direct forms of pollution caused by conflicts and military activities, the collapse of environmental governance in states affected by armed conflict hampers efforts to address all forms of pollution, whether it be air quality or the management of chemicals and wastes...

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