Iran: PC International UN rep suggests people-to-people diplomacy to ease U.S.-Iran tensions


by Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service

30/5/19 - Steps to open avenues for people-to-people diplomacy would go a long way to tamp down tensions between the United States and Iran, said a U.N. representative of Pax Christi International.

"We need to expose a more humane face to people who know America only through our military and through the Pentagon and the State Department ... there are other Americans who respond in very different ways," Douglas Hostetter, Pax Christi International advocacy representative at the U.N., told Catholic News Service May 20.

Hostetter, a Mennonite, said he feared an outbreak of violence as the U.S. deployed an aircraft carrier strike force in the Persian Gulf.

He called for President Donald Trump and Iranian leaders to ease their threats and pursue ways to exchange medical professionals, educators, historians and even religious leaders who could return to their respective homelands to share what they have seen and learned.

"That's where I think people-to-people kinds of things are important. It's also important that we combat the demonization of Iran that is taking place," said Hostetter, who visited Iran in 2007 while working with the Mennonite Central Committee...

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