International Secretariat: Pax Christi International is pleased to welcome new communications assistant Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro


Pax Christi International is pleased to welcome a new Communications Assistant, Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro, to the International Secretariat. Ms. Di Gennaro is originally from Italy and will be working from the Brussels office of Pax Christi International.

Ms. Di Gennaro has a strong interest in human rights, democracy and peace issues. She has worked at international organisations, such as the Council of Europe, and for an NGO, active in local democracy and cooperation, among the others. Her interest in social and humanitarian affairs was confirmed when she started volunteering for the Italian Red Cross many years ago.

Ms. Di Gennaro's educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and two Masters degrees, one in International Relations and one in European Projects Planning and Management. Her work experience is in the communications sector. At the International Secretariat, Ms. Di Gennaro will be assisting in the communications department as well as supporting advocacy activities and youth projects.

“My work consists in ensuring communications and interaction within the network in order to promote the mission and the main values of Pax Christi and increase its visibility. Working for an organisation like Pax Christi International is a great opportunity to be involved in very important and delicate issues happening throughout the world," she stated. "I am glad that my work as a communication assistant will contribute to strengthen Pax Christi's presence and increase the impact of its worldwide work for peace.”

Ms. Di Gennaro can be reached at


* Photo by Noemie Deby



Vittoria Valentina Di Gennaro