International Peace Bureau recognises Douglas Roche as one of three recipients of the Seán MacBride Peace Prize


2/10/18 - The International Peace Bureau awards the Seán MacBride Peace Prize every year to a person, or organisation, or movement in recognition of its outstanding work for peace, disarmament, human rights. This year the IPB Board has chosen three winners of the prize, including Douglas Roche, with whom Pax Christi International has worked for many years.

The IPB states:

Douglas Roche’s indefatigable work, in particular as President of the UN Association and as Ambassador for Disarmament during the height of the Cold War, helped maintain strong Canadian public support for the ideals of multilateralism in one of the most turbulent times in modern history. He is the founding Chairman Emeritus of the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), an international network of NGOs that hosts international meetings of states seeking the elimination of nuclear weapons. Canada’s former Ambassador for Disarmament is a dedicated champion of nuclear abolition able to move easily among nations and peace congresses. He was also highly instrumental in creating Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (PNND). During negotiations, whether as Canada’s ambassador, the Holy See’s special adviser, the Chairman of MPI, or as the Past President of PNND, he continued to be an articulate and well-informed delegate to the UN’s NPT and disarmament negotiations. A constant inspiration who provides solid leadership and sage guidance for many international and national organisations including the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs movement. We award Mr. Roche for his tireless efforts to promote international peace and disarmament.

In 2015, Pax Christi Toronto recognised him with their Ambassador of Peace Award.

Pax Christi International congratulates Douglas Roche on an honour well-deserved!


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