Hong Kong: Pax Christi Australia issues statement on the protests in Hong Kong


10/8/19 - Pax Christi Australia has issued a statement on the ongoing situation in Hong Kong. The first paragraphs of the statement are below with a link to the entire statement.

The courageous people of Hong Kong are showing us what it means to be engaged in the struggle for freedom, democracy and human dignity. Yet, our government, always eager to advertise its credentials as upholders of these values, has been shamefully silent and inactive.

Over the last two months millions of people have thronged the streets of Hong Kong to express their deep concern that the liberties they still enjoy will be steadily curtailed by Beijing. Such a prospect is unacceptable to them, as it to us.

After weeks of determined protest, which shows no sign of abating, the police forces have become increasingly heavy handed. Over the weekend we have seen persistent use of tear gas, pepper spray, a growing number of arrests, increasing restrictions on rallies, stern warnings by the authorities, and now ominous threats by the Chinese Government.

The question we need to ask is simple: Is this a prelude to the brutal use of force reminiscent of the tragic events at Tiananmen Square in June 1989? Pax Christi believes the time has come for the world and for Australia to respond before it is too late.

With such large protests, it is always possible that a few hotheads will resort to unfortunate conduct. But the Chinese authorities would be well advised to concentrate less on these relatively minor misdemeanours, and focus instead on the legitimate demands of the peaceful citizens of Hong Kong... 

Click here to read the entire statement.


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