Honduras: Pax Christi International Latin American Regional Coordinator to join emergency faith delegation to Honduras


[Ed. Note: See the end of this article for more resources, updates and reports as we add them during the delegation.]

24/1/18 - Pax Christi International will be sending Martha Ines Romero, our Latin American Regional Coordinator, to join an emergency faith delegation to Honduras later this month. The delegation is scheduled for 24-30 January. The delegation has been invited by Rev. Ismael Moreno, S.J. (Father Melo) who has accompanied the Honduran people for more than 20 years. 

Honduras is in an extreme crisis following a flawed presidential election on November 26th. Social movements have been pouring into the streets for weeks protesting electoral fraud, and have been repressed by Honduran security forces. Over 30 people have been killed and hundreds wounded and detained. The government imposed martial law, and days before Christmas, prematurely called the election in favor of the current president. The U.S. government quickly recognised that call, despite OAS and others warning that the election did not meet standards, and despite their call for new elections. The Honduran military and police have received over $100 million from the U.S. since the 2009 coup d’etat.

The Jesuit station, Radio Progreso, one of the last independent media in the country, was sabotaged in mid-December, its transmission tower destroyed. Over this past New Year’s weekend, new death threats were issued against Father Melo and other social justice activists. 

The delegation will accompany Honduran human rights defenders and social movements as they mobilise and demand respect for the true results of the November presidential elections. They will also lend support to the faith communities accompanying those who are most vulnerable; this includes accompanying them to the capital of Tegucigalpa for the national demonstration at the inauguration, set for January 27th. 

The delegation will also collect testimonies and witness the repression against those involved in the peaceful demonstrations; and return to their home countries to share the findings, carry forth the "cry of the people" of Honduras for justice, and advocate for a just resolution to the crisis.


Radio Progreso, Honduras, Father Melo, Martha Inés Romero