Haiti: CRAN assesses their work from 2018, poses questions for 2019


9/1/19 - As 2018 came to an end, CRAN (Cell of Reflection and National Action) released an assessment of their work for 2018 and posed questions for 2019. Fr. Jan Hanssens of CRAN soke with Radio Lumière on the text of the assessment. In the text, CRAN demands that all citizens of Haiti act with a greater sense of responsibility: a) The authorities must be responsible for each of their actions within the mandate given to them; b) Civil society organisations must be accountable if they do not serve as a vehicle for making citizen demands heard by society as a whole; and c) State authorities should be aware that even after completing their mandate, they can still be expected to report on their management. 

Click here to read the assessment in Creole and French.


CRAN, Cell of Reflection and National Action, Jan Hanssens, Haiti