Germany: Pax Christi Germany secretary general calls for a ban on the export of small arms, ammunition


from Pax Christi Germany

10/10/18 - Pax Christi Germany secretary-general Christine Hoffmann today called for an absolute ban on the export of small arms and ammunition in Berlin. She was invited as an expert to the hearing on the "Export of Armaments" to the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy of the German Bundestag. Hoffmann emphasized: "The ban on arms exports is the necessary political orientation. Art. 26 para. 2 GG must be interpreted in the context of the general peace requirement of the preamble to the Basic Law and the unconstitutionality of peace-causing acts (Art. 26 (1) GG). The authors of the GG 1949 did not consider today's dimension of arms and armaments exports from Germany, because nobody wanted to do so shortly after the war. What the authors of the GG originally meant is expressed in the following sentence: "War weapons and other armaments are not exported in principle". If the German licensing practice in the future not only declaratory, but actually be used restrictive, it quickly requires an arms export control law with appropriate equipment.

On the question of Sevim Dagdelen, MdB, Hoffmann sharply criticized the practice of end-use control: "We are conducting today's deliberations on the 4th anniversary of an event that clearly reminds us of the responsibility for the consequences of German arms exports. During the night of September 26-27, 2014, police and other armed groups attacked a bus in Iguala, Guerrero State, Mexico, where teaching students from the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training College were traveling. Six people died and 43 students fell victim to the practice of enforced disappearance. On-site rifles of type G 36 of the German small arms manufacturer, Heckler & Koch 'were secured. How the G 36 rifles could reach Guerrero illegally, is currently being negotiated in the largest small arms export criminal case before the Stuttgart Regional Court. These district court hearings have already made one thing clear: the German end-user regulations are a farce. "...

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