Germany: Pax Christi Germany says no combat drones for the Bundeswehr


10/6/18 - The pax christi-Germany diocesan associations in Mainz and Limburg are speaking out in a letter to members of the Bundestag against the procurement of combat drones for the Bundeswehr.

Germany is the only one of the larger NATO countries that still has no combat drones. To keep it that way, a political commitment is needed. Therefore, the pax christi diocesan associations in Mainz and Limburg have addressed a letter to members of the Bundestag who are members of the budget or defense committee. In this letter, the diocesan associations express their rejection of combat drones.

The discussion about the procurement of armed drones - so-called combat drones - now extends over several years. Most recently, the Budget Committee of the Bundestag rejected a leasing contract for seven combat drones in June 2017. The Federal Government promises in its coalition agreement that "the German Bundestag will decide on this question separately after detailed international law, constitutional and ethical appraisal". Although this assessment has not yet taken place, the decision to lease combat drones will soon be back on the agenda of the Committee on Budgets. Therefore, the boards of the two diocesan associations have decided to give their opinion through a letter...

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