Germany: Pax Christi Germany decides on action priorities

Priorities include: Reinstatement of privileged family reunification for refugees, prohibition of glyphosate, reversal of arms export policy, new policy of détente, Germany's accession to the nuclear weapons ban treaty and financial transaction tax.
The largest civic alliance campaign, "Take action! - stop the arms trade!" is to continue its commitment in the years 2018-21 for a reversal in the arms export policy. The campaign calls for a ban on the export of small arms and ammunition, the renunciation of weapons supplies in areas of tension and is committed to a restrictive arms export law. Licensing for the production of German armaments is to be discontinued, and the return of authorized supplies on political grounds will be strengthened.
Pax Christi also supports the appeal, "End the spiral of violence - for a new policy of peace and detente now!" and shapes the initiative by strengthening the required socio-political debate. In the face of world conflicts, especially Syria and Ukraine, a new policy of détente is needed, involving Russia and strengthening United Nations disarmament efforts without undermining Russia's role in the war in eastern Ukraine and, accordingly, adopting new contemporary political goals and measures. The call is a basis for a necessary discussion beyond the peace movement.
In contrast to the German Bundestag and the newly constituted federal government, Pax Christi will continue to campaign for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Büchel and protest against their modernization. Germany - according to Pax Christi - is to join the Nuclear-Non-Proliferation Treaty of the UNO on 7 July 2017 and the parliament will reject further participation of Germany in the nuclear participation of NATO.
Pax Christi delegates' assembly advocates the introduction of a European coordinated financial transaction tax. It calls on the parties involved in the government-building fact-finding rounds to consider the issue of the use of funds from this tax in the negotiations. A significant part of this is to be used by Europe for international poverty reduction, global climate protection and social tasks.
Also Pax Christi opposes the renewal of the approval of the herbicide glyphosate.
Pax Christi calls on the federal government to immediately grant the privileged family reunification of refugees with subsidiary protection.
The Pax Christi delegates' meeting with ninety delegates in the Boniface House in Fulda took place in late October.


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