Germany: Pax Christi Germany calls on government to redistribute NATO money to Africa for famine relief


Pax Christi Germany is calling for the redistribution of Germany's contribution to NATO to relief organizations of the United Nations working on famine relief in Africa.

"In view of the threat of an acute catastrophe, the drastic increase in the German defensive rate, which is planned against the backdrop of NATO commitments, appears monstrous and cynical, growing every year from € 37 billion to € 60 billion by 2024. The ad hoc replenishment of the UN Emergency Fund is a first-class peace effort that justifies unusual budgetary decisions! We appeal to our federal government and our Bundestag not to close their eyes to the imminent danger for the sake of black zeros, and to knowingly accept the deaths of 20 million people! Therefore, the Pax Christi Peace Commission on Policy calls on the Federal Government and the Bundestag to redirect the contribution of NATO to the relief organizations of the United Nations in the face of this great and impending hunger catastrophe. By exploring all possibilities, the money must be provided as quickly as possible," explains Christof Grosse, the spokesman for the Pax Christi Peace Commission on Policy.

20 million people in four countries - South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen - are threatened by starvation, warns UN emergency coordinator Stephen O'Brien. And UN Secretary-General António Guterres failed to speak in front of the microphone when he realizes that only ten percent of the $4.4 billion needed by the end of March 2017 has been needed by the UN to alleviate the most serious hardship.

The novelty is that several large hungry crises must be dealt with at the same time - in addition to other crises and conflicts. Nowhere else is the impact of climate change as visible as in the Sahel zone. The challenges on the African continent have also increased as a result of the many wars, terrorist groups and corrupt elites.

The Federal Republic of Germany is the third-largest contributor to the United Nations, with the largest donation of 6.2 billion dollars of humanitarian aid per year, and the EU (3.1 billion). It has now raised its contribution to Africa from 100 to 300 million dollars.


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