Germany: German bishop president of Pax Christi issues declaration calling for strengthening the UN, working for peace


On May 8, 2017, Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen, president of Pax Christi Germany and bishop of the Diocese of Fulda, issued a declaration entitled "The policy of nonviolence," with the subtitle, "The World Peace Order and the United Nations". The declaration was delivered on the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Germany from national socialism and war on 8 May 1945.

The declaration begins:

"By peaceful means and according to the principles of justice and international law, all international disputes should be settled, according to the decision of the people after the Second World War. The international Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi, on the occasion of the commemoration of Germany's redemption from war and of the Nazi reign of terror on 8 May 1945, looks back with great respect on this pioneering overcoming of the cruelest agitation brought on by world wars, resulting in the Charter of the United Nations..."

Later it reads:

"To commemorate May 8, 1945, therefore, we remember the courage and the creative power of those who wanted to create a world peace order on the road to cooperation after the Second World War. They were determined to keep future generations from the scourge of war. May all of us grow in confidence that international disputes can be solved on the path of reason, through negotiations based on law, justice and equality..."

Read the entire declaration by clicking here.


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