Germany: Argument for peace! The Ecumenical Peace Decade begins nationwide on 12 November


"With this year's slogan, 'Argue!' we demand that we be not passive, but rather that we argue constructively, decisively and nonviolently for democracy and human dignity," explains Pax Christi Federal President Wiltrud Rösch-Metzler. Participation in the Ecumenical Peace Decade is from 12 to 22 November.

Malu Dreyer, the Prime Minister of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, has this year assumed leadership of the Ecumenical Peace Decade. It supports peace groups and church congregations that offer thousands of worship services, peace prayers and other events around the world on the current challenges of world peace.

In the ten days leading up to the Day of Atonement, signatures are being collected in many places against NATO's 2% target. The Pax Christi action, "More for the military? Not from us!" criticises increasing military spending in Germany. The appeal to the Federal Government is to stop rearmament, to strengthen the paths of common security and international cooperation, and to work towards disarmament and arms control.

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