France: Pax Christi France offers a symposium on 23 March looking ahead to the European parliamentary elections


28/2/19 - On 23 March in Paris, join Pax Christi France for its annual symposium. This year's theme is "What is the mission for Europe? The European election and the urgency of choice".

The annual Pax Christi symposium will take stock of the future of the European project. What is the success or failure of the European project? Will there be cohesion between its member states, or will we be torn between solidarity and competition? What will become of geostrategic interests of a continent certainly in peace but surrounded by powers - Russia, China, America - in a struggle for world hegemony? 

These questions shake political decision-makers, economic circles and citizens. We are faced with the test of truth that constitute the elections of the European Parliament. The elections of May 26, 2019 are a real opportunity - not for the first time, certainly, but maybe for the first time during these times of such intensity, as Europeans express themselves on "which Europe" they want for themselves and their children.

To clarify this choice, to compare the options, to try to assess the consequences of a vote "for" or "against", Pax Christi France is offering this day of reflection...

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