France: Pax Christi France issues position statement on the situation in Israel/Palestine


from Pax Christi France

1/6/18 - NOTE: The following is a statement from Pax Christi France.

The current situation in Israel/Palestine due to the deadlock of the peace process and the worsening relations between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the climate of violence created by the use of force, has led Pax Christi France to take a stand on this conflict.

Peace between individuals and nations is the purpose of every action and stance taken by Pax Christi. These are based on the following founding principles, which are rooted in the Social Doctrine of the Church:

  1. The equal dignity of every human being who is created in the image and likeness of God (Gen.1:26), which means respect for human rights and international humanitarian law in the treatment of peoples, particularly in conflict situations.
  2. Dialogue is the basis of every peace process, which means respect for people’s self-determination.
  3. The search for a fair peace must underlie all negotiations, which implies the principle of respect for international law as the regulator of relations between states and not the use of force.
  4. The refusal of violence and the assertion that nonviolence is the only effective way of settling conflicts between individuals, communities and states.

Pax Christi’s analysis today of the Israel/Palestine situation is based therefore on these principles, which are applicable in every conflict situation...

To read the entire statement in English, click here. To read it in French, click here.


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