Fasting for Just Immigration Policies


A message from Marie Dennis, Secular Franciscan and Co-President of Pax Christi International

Deep in many religious traditions, including my own Christian faith, is a recognition of prayer and fasting as essential dimensions of spiritual practice. Fasting is particularly appropriate in the face of social injustice that causes deep human suffering – the injustice of the deeply flawed U.S. immigration system is a prime example.  Fasting for many of us is an expression of repentance for complicity in perpetrating such injustice.  It also carries social and political weight.  The Fast for Families which I will join for today has already demonstrated well the power of fasting to invite dialogue.  I have no doubt that the integrity and courage of those who have led this fast – and the hundreds or thousands around the country who have joined them for a time - will move the U.S. Congress to enact just immigration reform. I am honored to accompany them, even briefly.


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