EU: Pax Christi International signs onto joint statement regarding the risks of the new EU defence fund


15/11/18 - Forty-two organisations have signed onto a joint statement entitled, "The risks of the new EU Defence Fund". Pax Christi International is a signatory. 

The statement was issued on 15 November. It begins:

Our EU leaders are currently discussing the next EU budgetary cycle that will run from 2021 to 2027. Among the proposals, one has so far caught little attention from the public and has been barely analysed in the EU media, let alone at national level.

Yet the recently set-up European Defence Fund would deserve a wider and critical public debate, with its €13 billion draft budget for a new area of work, the Research & Development of new weapons and military technology. With this statement, the signing organisations intend to raise awareness among citizens and the press about this development, and alert them to the major risks the current proposal entails...

Click here to read the full statement.


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