DRC: A new project of our member organisation: Radio-Television of Peace







With a new project, our member organisation Réseau Jeunes dans le Monde pour la Paix (RJMP, Young Network in the World for Peace) provides peace education to a variety of people in the Democratic Republic of CongoThe banner, which is pictured on the photo, indicates the frequency of the Radio-Television of Peace which ensures civic and electoral education of proximity. This education is done permanently for the benefit of the population of the Occidental Kasai in the DRC, by means of the radio and of the “local hearts” (local key resources/local core centers) of mediators and peacebuilders of the RJMP. These core centers are installed in the 10 territories and the 2 cities of the Province of Occidental Kasaï. The European Union gives its financial support to this project. 
















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