DR Congo: Réseau Jeunes dans le Monde pour la Paix (RJMP) urges government to sign the nuclear weapons ban treaty


Réseau Jeunes dans le Monde pour la Paix (RJMP, "Network for Youth in the World for Peace"), a Pax Christi International member organisation in the DR Congo, recently sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo encouraging them to sign the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

They wrote to urge:

  • our Government to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition Nuclear Weapons;
  • our Head of State, our Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to join other world leaders by signing the TPNW on 20 September 2017 during the high-level segment of the UN General Assembly.

The letter also read, "The 21st century needs cooperation and partnership to tackle climate change, endemic poverty and mass migration. The TPNW is both a promise to protect life and a commitment to redirect valuable resources that are wasted for nuclear arsenals."


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