DR Congo: Africa Reconciled participates in the Day of Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation in the DR Congo


from Africa Reconciled

2/3/18 - Pax Christi International member organisation in the DR Congo, Africa Reconciled, thanks the young members of the peace clubs and the women members of the solidarity groups for their massive participation in the day of prayer for peace and reconciliation organised on 23 February 2018 in all the zones of intervention in the DR Congo.

Africa Reconciled wants faith to be born and grow in every man and every woman in this country, that the prejudices and mistrust that divide people and communities disappear, that our differences, be they cultural or psychological, help us build our identity and our country. May our hearts be sensitive to the pain and suffering of the most destitute and marginalised in our society. May every man and woman experience the joy of being free and independent, the gap between rich and poor, between oppressors and oppressed, between our political leaders, between winners and losers, will eventually disappear; that our ethnic and social divisions leave room for empathy and acceptance of the other; that our relationships to others are imbued with truth, humility, honesty and frankness; that our ties with neighboring countries be strengthened. Thanks for the mutual assistance that becomes the cement of our mutual trust and our security. Let justice, truth, forgiveness and reconciliation find concrete expression in our lives. Let our families, our hills and our villages be synonymous with joy and sharing between natives and settlers as well as among all who live on this earth.

God of hope, give us peace and bring us true reconciliation in DR Congo.


Pascal Mugaruka, Africa Reconciled, DR Congo