DR Congo: Africa Reconciled calls on international community to respond to human rights violations of the Kinshasa regime


15/2/18 - At the end of Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral, in the city of Goma, the capital of North Kivu province, a peaceful march was suppressed in late January by the Congolese national police (PNC), as in other cities. The march was organised by the Comité Laïc de Coordination/CLC, a Catholic Church office, in order to try to clarify the future of the DR Congo.

The police used tear gas to disperse the Christians and young people from the citizen movements who joined the march. Three people were injured and five others arrested by the PNC. Additionally, the convent of the religious sisters has been partially damaged by a bomb. The protesters are now worried about the strong reaction of the Congolese police.

Following this facts, Pax Christi International member organisation Africa Reconciled calls on the international community to take note of all the gross human rights violations that the Kinshasa regime perpetrated in relation to the DRC's presence at the United Nations Human Rights Council and demands the unconditional release of all those arrested, especially young people, as well as the unconditional care of all those who were injured during the march.


Africa Reconciled, DR Congo