Democratic Republic of Congo: Our partner organisation CIAM gives a training in Kinshasa on nonviolence


16/12/18 - In the framework of the project on active nonviolence, our partner organisation, CIAM, in Kinshasa, launched on Monday, November 26, a training focusing on violence and the prevention and management of conflicts.

The goal is to help build equivalence relationships and to learn to positively manage conflicts by turning them into peace opportunities, based on the concept of violence, defined as a negative force that offends basic needs reducing them below the minimum; and the differences between different types of violence, namely economic, political, intersocial, social, domestic, domestic and conjugal, sexual, against the environment, instrumental, and so on.

During the training, the escalation of violence was also illustrated, through different phases: the phase with no violence, during which there are incompatibilities; verbal or psychological violence, when a negative image of the other is developed; physic violence, where the ‘violent’ action is taken.

After discussing violence, the prevention and management of conflicts were other topics of the training. A conflict can be avoided or managed through dialogue, mediation, and reconciliation.

To build a culture of peace, the model of equivalence aims to suppress the idea of superiority and inferiority and to install that of equality in order to avoid, and significantly, reduce violence, through dignity, forgiveness, love, freedom, truth, justice, against contempt, revenge, hate, oppression, lie, injustice.


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