Democratic Republic of Congo: New income generating activities begin in Kinshasa as part of nonviolence and entrepreneurship project


21/5/19 - A number of our organisations that are participating in the "Empowering new generations for active nonviolence and entrepreneurship" in Africa have begun to undertake income generating activities in addition to nonviokence training. In Kinshasa in the DR Congo, one such project is called "TOSALISANA" which means "help each other". The group there started two shops selling phone credits. The activities are diversified according to the wishes of the members. They range from the sale of credits for phones to the sale of palm kernel oil through the home delivery of some products, including vegetable oil, tomato and others. Other steps are underway to open a mini-bakery to meet the needs of our large clientele in the Salongo district, headquarters of AGR TOSALISANA. This diversification of activities was motivated by the possibility of generating a little more profit in order to compensate for the somewhat less of the sale of credit for mobile phones but also the high demand for oil for the population living in the area. This diversification, which is a new experience, allows each member to be active and to contribute effectively to the maximisation of profits but also to make an effort in the process of credit repayment made available to them by Pax Christi International.

The AGR TOSALISANA is composed of 6 effective members including 3 women and 3 men, all responsible, very committed and motivated for the success of activities entrusted to them.


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