Democratic Republic of Congo: Africa Reconciled group begin entrepreneurship with chicken business


16/2/19 - After the training received from Africa Reconciled on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship, ten young people decided to create a group called Youth Group for Progress and Awakening of Consciousness, or GJPEC. This group of 10 students (including 8 boys and 2 girls) decided to start a project in the poultry field: that is to say in the business of raising chickens and the marketing of broilers and laying hens in the city of Goma.

"Africa Reconciled" supported this group by buying 120 hens for the start of this project and, in the next three months, these hens will start laying eggs.

The project is located on the avenue of the Karibu Hotel in the Himbi district of Goma and is still in the start-up stage. It has only one permanent officer in charge of monitoring the henhouse daily, while all members of the group are involved in the community's awareness of the products which they will have to offer in the local market in the coming months.










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