Democratic Republic of Congo: Africa Reconciled gathers leaders from youth movements for training in active nonviolence


31/7/18 - Africa Reconciled, one of our member organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, hosted a meeting, held at the Free University of the Great Lakes Countries (ULPGL), which was attended by seventeen leaders of youth movements in the city of Goma.

At the end of this session, the trainers presented and explained to the movement leaders the content of the Pax Christi International project run by the Great Lakes Network organisations entitled: "Strengthening new generations on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship".

A schedule of training activities was drawn up, incorporating programmes of two sessions each week, every Wednesday and Saturday from 1-4pm, for a period of three months.

This session was a continuation of the active nonviolence training officially launched on 17 July 2018.


Africa Reconciled, Great Lakes, Democratic Republic of Congo, Strengthening new generations on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship