Colombia: Jesuit de Roux to head committee to promote reconciliation after years of civil war


The 74-year-old Jesuit Francisco de Roux Rengifo was elected chairman of the National Truth Commission in Colombia. The commission is charged with clarifying events of the civil war, promoting peaceful coexistence and preventing the conflict between rebel groups and the government army from flaring up again.

Father de Roux studied economics in Paris and London. In 1986 he became director of CINEP, a Jesuit think tank to promote folk education, and the peace program of the Colombian Jesuit province. In 2008 he became provincial of the Jesuits in Colombia.

The creation of the commission is the result of the 2016 peace agreement. The members of the commission have been selected by mutual agreement between representatives of the United Nations, the European Court of Human Rights, the Colombian Justice and the state universities.

Fr. de Roux participated in the Rome conference on "Nonviolence and Just Peace" in April 2016, delivering a paper as part of the conference. He is an active participant in the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative.


Francisco de Roux, Colombia, Catholic Nonviolence Initiative