Colombia: Director of Redepaz, Pax Christi International member organisation in Colombia, leads delegation encouraging peace dialogue


from LA FM

17/2/18 - Social organisations in Colombia traveled to Quito to meet with the ELN on Friday, February 9.

After meeting with the president, Juan Manuel Santos, and guarantor members of the process between the government and ELN, the social organisations traveled to Quito Thursday night, February 8, with some people joining in the morning of the following day, according to LA FM and RCN Radio, to meet with the ELN members on Friday, February 9.

The delegation of social organisations was composed of about 50 people, made up of leaders of social organisations, community leaders unions, organisations such as Redepaz, Minga for Peace, Agrarian Summit, Redprodepaz Peoples Congress, the Somos Program Defenders Onic, the CUT, among others.

Luis Emil Sanabria, director of Redepaz (a Pax Christi International member organisation) and spokesman of the organisations, said, "It is a meeting that we have asked the parties to listen to the clamor of civil society in order to get them to continue at the table and consolidate a new ceasefire, but prior to this resumption of talks we want to support the parties so that the trust is resumed and humanitarian relief reaches the communities."

It is important to remember that earlier this month the Catholic Church met with the ELN in Ecuador and expressed their willingness to also meet with the National Government to seek to re-establish a dialogue between the parties.

Father Darío Echeverri assured that the Church will seek a meeting with President Santos and with the chief negotiator of the National Government, Gustavo Bell, because he considered that it is necessary that an agreement be reached or the next government be left with the agreement to such an extent that it is not possible to go back on these negotiations.

"The Church is committed to speaking with the Government, both with President Santos and with Doctor Bell himself, to encourage them to continue negotiations with a dose of generosity and take them to a point where the process is irreversible."


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