Colombia: Citizen participation aimed at influencing the Government-ELN dialogue on the National Peace Pact


Prior to the the National Government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) formally beginning public talks on February 7, Red Nacional de Iniciativas Ciudadanas por la Paz y contra la Guerra (REDEPAZ) planned to hold a series of local meetings on Saturday, February 4, 2017. The purpose of these meetings was to ascertain feedback from the territories on the proposals for national dialogue for a National Peace Pact and the mechanism for the participation of civil society at the negotiating table.

Bearing in mind that the first point of Colombia's peace dialogue agreement, signed by the parties, assumes the participation of the society, the meetings were held to generate initiatives and proposals that make peace feasible within the framework of the agenda. Such a process is envisaged as a dynamic, active, inclusive and pluralistic exercise that builds a common vision of peace. Social and peacebuilding organizations have been developing a series of actions aimed at making the participation of civil society protagonistic, decisive, useful and transforming, in such a way that the proposals and initiatives developed by it will impact the parties at the table (Government-ELN), and help them make the best decisions in correspondence with social and popular initiatives...

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