Colombia and Germany: Pax Christi Germany advocates for peace process implementation in Colombia


10/8/18 - On 7 August, Pax Christi Germany participated in a vigil for life and peace in Colombia called "Peace should not cost us our lives!" The vigil was organised in recognition of the rise in the number of killings of activists since the signing of the peace agreement in Colombia at the end of 2016. Between December 2016 and August 2018, more than 300 peasants, indigenous peoples, students, teachers, Afro descendants, and politicians were murdered for defending their territories, the environment, and their rights.

The implementation of the peace agreement between the FARC guerrillas and the outgoing government under President Juan Manuel Santos is in danger of collapse, as the new president, Iván Duque is considered an opponent of the peace agreement. Human rights activists fear that the progress achieved so far in the peace and reconciliation process will be further jeopardised. This would have disastrous consequences, especially for the social movements, which fear increasing criminalisation, and for the rural population which continues to be expelled from their land in many areas.

Pax Christi Germany calls on the international community, human rights organisations, NGOs, political parties and other organisations to demand the full implementation of the peace agreement from the new Colombian government under President Iván Duque.

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Additionally, Pax Christi Germany jointly signed a press release calling on the German government to advocate for the continuation of the peace process in Colombia.

"Now it is necessary to use all diplomatic channels to urge Colombian President-elect Iván Duque to comply with the peace agreement with the FARC and take immediate measures against the wave of murders of human rights defenders," the release stated.

See the press release by clicking here.


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