Central African Republic: Pax Christi International joins international community in letter to US Secretary of State on crisis in CAR


On August 9th, Pax Christi International signed onto a joint letter to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson regarding the crisis in the Central African Republic. In the letter, Pax Christi International joined partner organisations in asking that the U.S. play the strategic role that it has in the past, and work with its European, African and multilateral partners on a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Reaffirming U.S. support for efforts to prevent and mitigate violence by condemning human rights abuses and attacks on civilians, peacekeepers and humanitarian workers, supporting accountability measures including the Special Criminal Court, national and regional peace efforts, and efforts to counter trafficking, illicit arms flows, and pressuring those financially benefiting directly and indirectly from the conflict.
  • Ensuring lifesaving assistance to the most vulnerable Central Africans including adequate funding and access for humanitarian organizations, and support an eventual transition from emergency relief to building resiliency, and supporting development and recovery.
  • Enabling continued U.S. engagement with adequate staffing by quickly nominating an Ambassador when the current appointment is concluded, ensuring adequate USAID personnel and engagement in the region, and ensuring that key sections of the State Department (including the Africa Bureau and the Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor) have the personnel and resources to sustain engagement.

Other issues were also raised in the letter. 

Click here to see the letter in its entirety.


Central African Republic, Rex Tillerson