CATHOLIC NONVIOLENCE INITIATIVE SPOTLIGHT: Transcripts and video from the Rome conference online now


During the two and half day conference on nonviolence and just peace in Rome last April, four “fishbowl” sessions were held.
Videos show each fishbowl beginning with short reflections from between 3-4 participants, and then opening more widely to others (shown in the panel discussion portion.) Most of the audio is in English but some is in French and in Italian.
The four topics covered were:
  • Experiences of nonviolence, moderated by Pat Gaffney, Pax Christi British section: Participants shared their experiences of nonviolence as a spiritual commitment of faith and practical strategy in violent situations and different cultural contexts. What might we learn from such experience to provide soil for theological reflection and action planning? With Bishop Paride Taban, South Sudan; Mairead Maguire, Northern Ireland; Pietro Ameglio, Mexico; and Katarina Kruhonja, Croatia.
  • Jesus’ way of nonviolence, moderated by Ken Butigan, Pace e Bene: Participants were asked to share how recent experiences of nonviolence help illuminate our understanding of Jesus’ way of nonviolence and engaging conflict. How does Jesus help illuminate the roots of nonviolence? What has the latest scholarship and praxis revealed about Jesus’ approach and practices for nonviolence and engaging conflict? How might we integrate recent theological reflection on nonviolence? How can we appropriate these insights into present day contexts? With Fr. John Dear, U.S.; Fr. Jamal Daibes Khader, Palestine; Sr. Anne McCarthy, U.S.
  • Nonviolence and Just Peace, moderated by Gerry Lee, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns: Participants were asked to respond to how Catholic communities already embody and practice just peace. What are the developments in theological reflection on just peace and how does this build on the scriptures and trajectory of Catholic social thought? How would a turn to just peace impact our moral analysis of conflicts, practices, and engagement with the broader society, including policy makers? With Fr.  Francisco de Roux, SJ, Colombia; Archbishop John Baptist Odama, Uganda; Jasmin Galace, Philippines; Eli McCarthy, U.S.
  • Moving beyond unending war, moderated by Sr. Ann Scholz, Leadership Conference of Women Religious: Participants were asked to discuss the reasons for and the ramifications of the Catholic Church making an explicit rejection of the concept of “just war,” and to discuss some key elements of a more fruitful ethical framework for engaging acute conflict and addressing the responsibility to protect by developing the themes and practices of nonviolent conflict transformation, nonviolent intervention and just peace. With Jean-Marie Muller, France; Ogarit Younan, Lebanon; Lisa Sowle Cahill, U.S.

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