CATHOLIC NONVIOLENCE INITIATIVE: Second webinar held 11 October addressed experiences of nonviolence and Jesus's way of nonviolence

The second in a series of four webinars about the ground-shifting April 2016 Nonviolence & Just Peace conference was held on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Listen to the audio and watch slides from the second webinar here.

This second webinar focused on experiences of nonviolence and Jesus’ way of nonviolence — panelists discussed how recent experiences help illuminate our understanding of Jesus’ way of nonviolence and engaging conflict, and what the latest scholarship and praxis have revealed about Jesus’ approach and practices for nonviolence and engaging conflict.

Fr. Jamal Khader, Sr. Anne McCarthy and Dr. Terry Rynne, along with moderator Ken Butigan, spoke on experiences of nonviolence and Jesus's way of nonviolence.
We received strong positive feedback on the first webinar, which was held on September 13. Click here for more information on the first seminar. Watch the first seminar below.

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