Burundi: Trainings on active nonviolence continue in Kinama at Holy Family School for 70 students


4/2/19 - As part of the continuation of the project "Empowering New Generations on Active Nonviolence and Entrepreneurship", the Pax Christi International team of the Kamenge Youth Centre (composed of the coordinator Claude Nkurunziza, trainer Joséphine Karerwa, and trainer Evrard Ntirampeba) went to the Lycée Sainte Famille of Kinama on 18 January 2019 to give a teaching to the students of 3rd Sciences and 3rd Languages.

The students benefiting from the training were 70, 24 girls and 46 boys. The topic of the training was on Module 2 with the following contents: Origins and Categories of Conflict, Conflict Analysis, Types of Conflict, Different Stages of Conflict Development, Conflict Management Mechanisms, and Peacebuilding.

Unfortunately, each time we are confronted with the request to extend the time allotted to the training while the organisation of the establishment does not allow it.

In the end, the Pax Christi International team of the Kamenge Youth Centre distributed T-shirts for the visibility of the project, as well as notebooks and pens.


Burundi, kamenge youth centre, Africa, Great Lakes, Kinama, Empowering new generations on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship