Burundi: Centre Jeunes Kamenge sponsors concert for social cohesion, community safety


In December, Pax Christi International's member organisation in Burundi, Centre Jeunes Kamenge, sponsored a concert with the aim of strengthening social cohesion and encouraging community safety among young people. The concert featured performers like Black-G, Ninja Dance, Masodja Yero Yeroo and others. The CJK is a recreational, sporting and encounter structure serving about 2,000 young people every day. Since its creation in 1992, it has enrolled over 40,000 members (girls and boys aged 16 to 30 years), originating in the city and especially concentrating on the Northern Districts. These districts, strongly ethnicized, experienced severe crises during periods of war and conflict. A social project of the Catholic Diocese of Bujumbura, the Centre Jeunes Kamenge was created to "accustom the young people of the northern districts of the city to live together, respecting each other".


Burundi, Centre Jeunes Kamenge