Burundi: Active nonviolence project spreads to other schools in Burundi


by Ferdinand Ndikumana, Project Coordinator

17/2/19 - It was Monday, late January, at the Ngagara Municipal High School, Ngagara Parish, in the Archdiocese of Bujumbura, that a pilot group of active nonviolence practitioners was launched. It is within the framework of the project, "Empowering new generations in active nonviolence and entrepreneurship" funded by Pax Christi International and executed by Nduwamahoro-NVA in Burundi.

Both organisations called on the participants to carefully follow the trainers in their presence so that they can do their homework and even ask questions whenever necessary.

The pilot group was made up of 40 young students in the second and final classes chosen from the Catholic Action Movement and other religious denominations, paying attention to gender balances. After a word of welcome from the Director of the School and a thank you from the Project Coordinator, the trainers, Mrs. Angèle Nahimana and Mr. Oscar Nibaruta, proceeded to their presentation, followed by that of the participants with a view to establishing confidence. After that, Mrs. Nahimana introduced the first module concerning "conflict prevention and management". The other modules followed during the training.

Training course

From Monday, January 28th to January 30th, 2019, the training took place in a climate of agreement where the trainers successively succeeded one another according to the theme among the five modules present. Questions were asked by the participants and each time they received satisfactory answers.
The day of January 30, 2019 was divided into two great moments: Completion of the training and the awarding of certificates to the participants.

The training ended in beauty with a general assessment of what can be called "knowledge" after the training. And, to close, a handing of certificates to participants was made by the Coordinator with the special message of going to preach active nonviolence, that it becomes their own life, that it is a spirit to convey and a force to chant to destroy violence from wherever it comes.

The Director of the School, Mr. Apollinaire Ndayimirije thanked Nduwamahoro-NVA for the work they had done in his school for the benefit of his students.

One of the participants thanked Nduwamahoro-NVA and its trainers for the methodology and spirit with which the material had been delivered. In his words, he did not forget to ask that the training be extended to other schools so that the material reaches more young people possible to transform the spirits who live violence in absolute ignorance.


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