Belgium: PAX presents a conference on remote warfare in Brussels on 15 May


from PAX

30/4/19 - The shape of the EU's foreign, security and defence policies are changing. European defence investments are increasing against the backdrop of instability at Europe's borders and a previously reliable ally that is turning inwards. These broad developments are at the centre of a conference PAX and Chatham House are organizing entitled: ‘European Perspectives on Remote Warfare’ in Brussels, on 15th May 2019 at the Solvay Library.

We shall have a full day of discussions with several panels, covering topics such as the implications of the new EU Defence Fund, legal, ethical, and transparency issues in military research and development, and the increasingly ambitious position of the EU as a global actor.  Our aim is to provide a factual  overview of near-term developments that will help policymakers, experts, civil society organisations and politicians think critically about the EU's foreign and security policies. 

We have limited availability for the event so please register as soon as possible if you want to ensure your participation. For registration and the full program and background, visit this link.


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