Belgium: Pax Christi Flanders writes, "Nuclear weapons are not bearers of stability, but illegal weapons of terror"


by Willem Staes and Annemarie Gielen, Pax Christi Vlaanderen

Nuclear weapons are terrible and unethical weapons but they are necessary for our safety. That is the core of a lot of pleas for the maintenance of nuclear weapons. Recently, Professor International Politics Jonathan Holslag also spoke in this direction.

In a statement for De Morgen, he refers to meetings that he had which gave him a "terrible displeasure" about the state of nuclear weapons in 2017. He argues that world peace may benefit from the maintenance of nuclear weapons. We wonder if it does not quite go beyond the empirical burden of proof that shows that there have been dozens of non-nuclear incidents over the past 50 years. False alarms, accidents with nuclear missions and missile silos, incorrect estimates ... Declassified documents read like a true thriller.

It may therefore be a small miracle that the world escaped a catastrophic nuclear disaster. Can Holslag guarantee that we will have the same amount of luck in the next 50 years? That is the question that, together with 122 UN member states and international experts, gives us a "terrible discomfort"...

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Willem Staes, Annemarie Gielen, Pax Christi Vlaanderen, nuclear weapons