Belgium: BePax offers third "Anti-Racism Day" on 11 October in Namur


from BePax

13/8/19 - Anti-racism days offer training to arm yourself against discriminating speeches! Are you confronted in your professional practice with the recrudescence or banalisation of racist and discriminating speech? Do you feel helpless about these evolving discourses and do not always know how to respond appropriately?

WHEN: October 11, 2019 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
CONTACT: Benjamin Peltier at or call 02 / 896.95.00
WHERE: LE DELTA, Avenue Golenvaux 14 to 5000 Namur

BePax organises "Anti-Racism Days" in collaboration with other organisations of the anti-racism sector (CERAIC, CIRE, MRAX, CBAI, Media Animation, CRVI, CAI Namur, CRIBW, CRILUX, Unia, Bamko, CEJI, CEPAG , FGTB Brussels, CSC, CCIB). Anti-racism days are aimed at professionals in education, lifelong education and the voluntary sector who want to be equipped to respond to discriminating behaviors and discourses. These training days with stakeholders in the anti-racist sector aim to strengthen the actors in the field in their understanding and practice. The third "Anti-racism Day" will take place on October 11th in Namur. (The fourth and final day will take place in La Louvière on December 18, 2019)...

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