Belgium: BePax to host examination of anti-Semitism as part of Harmony Week in February


10/1/19 - As part of Harmony Week, BePax and the Brussels Interconvictional Platform are organising a conference around BePax's latest study on anti-Semitism. We have long believed in Europe that the years separating us from the Shoah removed with them the specter of anti-Semitism. Yet the last 15 years have been marked by an increase in anti-Semitic speech and a return of hate crimes against Jews.

The event will take place on 8 February 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at BePax's offices, Chaussée Saint-Pierre, 208, in Brussels

Coordinated by the Interconvictional Platform of Brussels, tHarmony Week brings together associations or collectives of all convictions wishing to put forward the interconvictional dialogue. Because our association is found in these values, BePax takes part in this week by proposing this conference which will aim to present our new study: "Antisemitism: When the anti-system logic reactivates the old patterns" .

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