Belgium: BePax is collaborating on a dialogue around populism, racism and the extreme right in May


24/4/19 - BePax is co-presenting, on May 9, 2019 from 9:30am to 2pm, "Populist yourself! What are the links between populism, racism and the extreme right?" This intercultural dialogue is organised by the CBAI, in collaboration with BePax, Culture & Democracy, ENAR and the Interconvictional Platform of Brussels. From concrete cases in Belgium and Italy, we propose to analyse the articulation between populism, racism and the extreme right, returning first to the meaning of the words in order to better understand why and how racist and far-right narratives "vampirise" the political debate, within three weeks of the triple regional, federal and European elections on May 26, 2019...

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BePax, Belgium, populism, racism, extreme right, European Parliament elections