Austria: Pax Christi Austria's vice president pens editorial on upcoming elections for the European Parliament


by Adalbert Krims, Pax Christi Austria Vice President

5/4/19 - On 26 May, MEPs will be elected to the European Parliament. Often, in this context, a "choice of direction" between nationalist and pro-European forces is promoted. However, this characterisation emphasises only one particular aspect and neglects other dimensions. It is also about a choice of direction between a peace union and a military or armaments union and between a social union and a pure economic union.

In any case, it is important that democracy in the EU is strengthened - and that also requires the highest possible turnout. Unfortunately, this has steadily declined in recent decades and reached a low of 42.61 percent in 2014, while in the first direct elections to the European Parliament in 1979, it was at 61.99 percent. This means that the elections to the European Parliament have now become a "minority program" - a development that is questionable in terms of democratic policy, the causes of which should be thoroughly investigated...

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