Austria: Pax Christi Austria celebrates beatification of Josef Mayr-Nusser, martyred during WWII


Bolzano, March 18, 2017 (KAP) Josef Mayr-Nusser (1910-1945), who was condemned to death because of his resistance to national socialism, was declared blessed by the Catholic Church in Bolzano. The Prefect of the Roman Congregation, Cardinal Angelo Amato, praised him as a "martyr of faith in the dark period of the Nazi dictatorship and of the Second World War" during a feast service on Saturday morning in the Bolzano Cathedral. Among the participants was a large group from Austria, among them the diocesan bishop of Linz and president of Pax Christi Austria Bishop Manfred Scheuer, Bishop Benno Elbs, the Innsbruck diocesan administrator Jakob Bürgler, and the two Altmic altars Maximilian Aichern and Ludwig Schwarz.
Mayr-Nusser, who came from Bolzano, had been conscripted to the service of the Waffen SS after the German invasion. Because of his refusal to take the SS oath, he was sentenced to death. On the way to Dachau concentration camp, on 24 February 1945, he died of the consequences of ill-treatment and debilitating injuries during his imprisonment...
Pope: Only Christ recognized as Lord
In a written appraisal from which Amato cited, Pope Francis called Mayr-Nusser a "layman, a family man, one of the faithful who faithfully acknowledged Christ as his Lord, and whose witness meant surrendering his life."...
Delegation from Austria joins the celebration
After an eleven-year church procedure, Pope Francis recognized Mayr-Nusser as a martyr in July 2016. In addition to Cardinal Amato, Pope Benedict, Ivo Mayr-Nusser and numerous other bishops and priests took part in the divine service for the beatification in the Cathedral of Bolzano. A 30-member delegation from Pax Christi Austria attended.
The day of Mayr-Nusser's remembrance will be October 3, the anniversary of his oath.
Josef Mayr-Nusser, Pax Christi Austria