Amani Communities Africa (Formerly FAMEC)

Koinange Street
PO Box 3659

Joy Mbaabu
+254733709496; +254202210138
Amani Communities Africa (Formerly Family Mediation & Conciliation FAMEC) was founded in 2001 by a group of women lawyers in a quest for peace, justice and equity. It was born out the need to impact positive conflict resolution skills in families, churches, and local communities as well as empower women and girls to know and enjoy their rights. The founder member, who is our Executive Director, is a lawyer with 17 years experience in active legal practice. She had witnessed first hand the plight of disempowered women who were ignorant of their rights and of the alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms available to litigation and she decided to take a proactive step that developed into FAMEC.
Amani Communities Africa is premised on the belief that only people who can freely and abendantly enjoy their human rights can achieve or experience sustainable peace. That equality, peace and development are inextricably linked. There can be no lasting peace without development and no sustainable development without full equality between men and women. Women have human rights that are peculiar and distinct from those of men, mainly due to their biological as well as gender differences and roles. Moreover, we view full respect for women's human rights, the release of their creative potentials in all aspects of life, their equal participation in decision and policy making, equal access to educational and other opportunities, the promotion of equality between men and women are prerequisites to attaining a culture of peace.
Their Work: 
Our vision is to contribute towards a peaceful, just and equitable society. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of peace and non-violence and respect for legal and human rights in society through capacity building programs. We operate under four thematic programs namely:
1. Women Peace and Human Rights Program (WPHRP)
This program is premised on our belief that women, like other members of the human family are entitled to freely and abundantly enjoy their human rights in order to achieve sustainable development and peace in society.
2. Mediation and Conflict Transformation Program
This program is premised on out belief that conflict is an inevitable human experience. However, the conflict is handled determines whether it will lead to violence, loss and destruction or growth, development and strengthened relationships.
3. Legal Empowerment Program (LEP)
This program is premised on out acknowledgement that law is a vital tool to the attainment of justice and peace. Therefore, we offer legal awareness, advice, representation and referral services.
4. Resources Documentation and Administration Program
This program aims to ensure coordinated development, implementation and documentation of programs through activities such as leadership, research, staff development and strategic planning.
Key strategies
•Training and education;
•Seminars and workshops;
•Legal advice and representation;
•Research and documentation;
•Lobbying and advocacy;
•Internship & Mentoring;
•Staff capacity building;
Program Priorities: 
•Training in: peace building, conflict resolution, legal and human rights education for the marginalized communities of Kenya notably the Maasai and the diverse ethnic communities of Northern Kenya;
•Skills building in mediation and conflict transformation;
•Action research;
•Young women leadership, mentoring and internship.