Library on Wheels for Non-Violence and Peace

Samiramis, Saffourya St. 1/5
P.O Box 20961, Jerusalem 91208

Nafez Assaily
+972 2 2299707
+972 2 2292075

The Library on Wheels for Nonviolence and Peace, located in Jerusalem and Hebron, offers educational programs and serves as an active library interested in promoting nonviolence and peace for Palestinian children. Founded by the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence in 1986 and became independent in 1994. LOWNP developed a variety of ideas to explore the significance of nonviolence and peace tradition in Islam, enhance its practical use at personal, family, school and also at the social level under violent situations. LOWNP has a special interest in nonviolence and peaceful means leading to empowerment for social change and justice. LOWNP believes active nonviolence is empowering. It’s presence and activities are helping make a positive in the quality of life for thousands of Palestinian families

Their Work: 

The trail of Library on Wheels for Non-violence and Peace's staff tried to integrate the members of the Palestinian family at deferent ages (especially the children and the youth) in order to promote the ideas of non-violence and peace as a way of their daily life. LOWNP is presenting an alternative education to empowerment the Palestinian community for social change by peaceful means. LOWNP is always seeking for new ideas. The expansion of it works to reach the young people, to train them in non-violent communication and community work, in order to, create teams to support the families in educating their children and to use community human, material and moral sources for development. LOWNP visits more than 100 locations throughout the West Bank. Children's books in Arabic distributed/ loaned to Palestinian children in isolated villages.

LOWNP also distributes educational materials and supplies such as crayons, pencils, markers and coloring books to kindergartens that lack proper supplies. An Arabic copy of the "UN Convention on the Human Rights of the Child" and "Teach Children Peace" (Published by LOWNP) are given to parents and teachers that LOWNP visits.

LOWNP distributes Books on Cassettes to blind children. LOWNP tours to show Puppet Shows to the children as a positive way to teach cooperation, nonviolence and peace.

LOWNP sends birthday cards to its readers to share with his/her parents as a reminder for the family about their child's anniversary, with the hope of strengthening the family ties. LOWNP invites children to prepare clay with locally produced flour, olive oil, non toxic colors and salt, as a productive activity. LOWNP collects empty cans and children volunteer to fill them up with different stones and sand to make percussion instruments for kindergarten to teach differences in sound.

LOWNP organizes video shows of educational cartoons.

Program Priorities: 

Mission: Library on Wheels for Nonviolence and Peace works in the following programs: 

I. Children Peace Program. 
This program is based on reading materials and information as an important tool for children’s education. LOWNP works to bring books and information accessible to children so that they can discover the power of nonviolence, reconciliation and peace. Through collecting, storing and making available materials in order to promote a culture of nonviolence and peace. The activities of this program were carried out through the following projects: 
1. Mobile Library Project (Van Circulation). 
2. Children Parliament for Nonviolence. 
3. Documentation Project (Nonviolence Literature). 
4. Books along the Divide – Reading on the Checkpoints (Campaign). 
5. Peace Culture through Sport.

II. Conflict Transformation Program. 
This program is based on promoting a culture of nonviolence and peace through using of peaceful methods of conflict resolution. Moreover, providing consultancy, training resources and services to youth and organizations interested in nonviolence and peace. Through this program, the following projects and activities were implemented: 
1. The House of Nonviolence Project. 
2. Consultancy Project. 
3. Eat and Drink Local Products Only (Campiagn).

III. Mental Health Program. 
This project aims to assist the Library on Wheels for Non violence and Peace (LOWNP) in the conceptualization of the House of Non Violence (HoN) and to bring an expertise in mental health, to reinforce the abilities of LOWNP in mental health, to develop activities of primary prevention in the field of mental health, to develop activities of secondary prevention in the field of mental health: first support to the most vulnerable persons and orientation of serious cases to other mental health professionals and to advocate in abroad according to the present situation of the Palestinian population (more precisely in Hebron).

IV. Islamic Peace Study Program. 
This program aims at conducting several studies and offering consultancy in the aspects related to Islam with focusing on Peace issues, coexistence, conventions and nonviolence. This program joins three main projects: 
1. Round Table Project. 
2. The Broadening Circle Project. 
3. The Intercultural Diversity Follow-Up Project. 
4. Administration Development Program. 
This program aims to strengthen the internal capacity of LOWNP by ensuring the programs coordination and their timely planning, profiting from feedback, evaluation, setting up strategies, fundraising, building up influential groups, utilization of facilities and implementation and continuity of the programs through activities such as, facilitating meetings in-between the staff , the volunteers and the Board of Directors.