International Women's Day

Much has been said in recent years about the heavy impact on women of war, armed conflict and violence at every level. At the same time, women too often are perceived only as victims, and the strong leadership of women in the peacemaking field is neither recognized nor welcomed. The establishment of UN Women and the important work on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions indicate growing consciousness of this reality.

Pax Christi has witnessed for many years the powerful presence and the untiring commitment of women working for peace. Pax Christi leadership from the very beginning of our movement has been fully inclusive of women. Our international network strives to promote the visibility of this legacy and to consciously incorporate the witness and wisdom of women into our peace agenda at every level. Pax Christi has much to contribute to the global effort to bring the contribution of women more into the centre of the work for sustainable peace.

Read more about International Women's Day 2030 Agenda here.

Join us in taking action on International Women's Day every 8th March:

1. We want to share some stories of the spiritual journey of women who encounter the violence of our world and work for peace:






You can also read about wome and women's groups who were Pax Christi International Peace Award recipients:

2. Send messages of support and solidarity to a woman peacemaker you know or organisation that works for peace locally or nationally. Find contact suggestions here

3. Download this prayer card from and say the prayer on 8 March individually or as a group and send a message to letting us know what you're doing.

4. Light a candle for all women peacemakers and use this prayer written by Palestinian women from Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Bethany, sent from our member organisation, the Arab Educational Institute (AEI). Watch this video using the prayer sent to us from the AEI.

5. Send details of any services/events being held by your member organisatioin or members to honor women peacemakers and then follow up by sending us a short report and photos to

6. Gather a group of local women peacemakers together and enjoy your time together. Ask women to make a postcard or small poster that includes the phase, "To make peace we need to __________________." Display these small posters or postcards somewhere to encourage others. Use this postcard from Pax Christi UK or use it as a template for your own. You can also order the cards from Pax Christi UK's online shop by clicking here.

7. Look for stories in the media of women making a difference and share them on social media, display them, use them for discussions, etc.
8. In the weeks following International Women's Day, send us photos and/or a short story of a woman or women's group in your region using nonviolent resistance in a conflict situation.
9. Share your ideas and complete the phrase: