Development Education Network

Dementaa Road
Gbarnga City
Bong Count

Zubahyea S. Joejoe; Peter S. Dolo; Dorothy Tooman
+2316558696; +231088517812; +231886533140
The Development Education Network-Liberia, grew out of the work of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Liberia, Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Since its foundation as a national non-governmental, non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-profit organization, the organization has been involved in a number of activities prominent among them is the training of development workers in participatory methodologies.
Their Work: 
DEN-L does training with community development workers, heads of youth groups, heads of women’s groups and community animators. The training is intended to help these leaders acquire skills that will enable them work with their constituents in a participatory and sustainable way. DEN-L also does peace building training with different groups of people who participated in the number of years of civil war in Liberia. We bring these groups together to analyse the cause of their incompatibility or perceived incompatibility and seek joint solutions for peaceful co-existence.
DEN-L uses a number of tools to achieve its objectives a key component of our strategies is the band and popular theatre. Through this medium, we reach a wider audience with our messages of peace, good governance, gender, the environment, HIV/Aids awareness, etc.
Program Priorities: 
•Peace consolidation;
•Good Governance;
•Capacity building.