Comissão Pastoral da Terra

Rua 19, nº 35, 1º andar, Edifício Dom Abel,
Centro Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil CEP 74030-090

Antonio Canuto
+55 62 4008 6466
+55 62 4008 6405

Created during the military dictatorship in Brazil, the CPT first tackled the issue of poor peasants expelled from their traditional lands in the north Amazon forest by new investors and land conflict around mineral and agrarian speculations. It further expanded its actions to a national level as a way for poor rural people and Christian communities to organize themselves in spite of repression by the military regime. After the return to democracy in 1984, when organizations and popular movements regained their autonomy, the CPT continued helping them in their own initiatives, emphasizing works at the grassroots level, training, and spiritual and political coherence.

Program Priorities: 

·Struggles for land rights: help and defend landless people and threatened communities maintain their right to land and dignity
·Struggles in the land use: help and defend rural communities in order to imlpement alternative farming systems among family famrs, in accordance with ecologically, socially and economically sustainable patterns.
·Defence and promotion of water resources as a fundamental asset for sustainable and democratic development
·Defence and promotion of human rights especially in rural areas with a special attention to gender, ethnic and generation identities, and a special program focused against ‘modern’ bounded slave labour