Pax Christi Philippines

A Philippine Miracle

At the close of February 1986, the oppressive regime of President Marcos finally came to an end. This happened through an almost miraculous event whereby the unarmed citizens of the Philippines came out in their thousands on the vast avenue known as Epifanio de los Santos (EDSA) and faced the tanks and soldiers of the Dictator’s army.
In their hands the people carried flowers, sandwiches, statues, rosary beads, crosses, and they wore smiles. In the four days that followed they overcame the Philippines Army and toppled the dictator Marcos without the shedding of blood.

This ‘Edsa’ moment has become a foundational event in Philippine history and is celebrated every year as the day of People Power. It was inspired by the Christian ideal of nonviolence and a statue of Our Lady was erected on the spot afterwards to thank her for the part she played in inspiring this nonviolent revolution. This revolution was probably the first to be played out in detail on world television. As a result it had an effect on the succeeding non-violent revolutions which took place all over Europe and eventually on that bridge of destiny in Moscow. Many other places throughout the world were equally influenced during the next few years by the memory of that overthrow of power by the powerless in the street of Manila prophetically named the Epiphany of the Saints.



Peace of the heart,
the heart of peace.
A peace grounded on justice that empowers and reconciles.
A peace nurtured in ecological care that respects the integrity of creation.
Peace, by ways of peace, the fruit of sincere dialogue and authentic solidarity.
Ultimately, peace as a gift of our God.
For this peace we struggle and work,
To this peace we of Pax Christi - Pilipinas commit ourselves.