Pax Christi France

In 1998-1999 young people aged 15-20 years from France, Belgium and Luxembourg invited guests to reflect on the importance of the integration of peace in the present and future, for a contest entitled ‘Youth, Europe and Peace, a Challenge for the Year 2000’.






Realisation Collective - Collective Achievement

Européens, prenons en main notre commun destin
Europeans take our common destiny in our hands
Unissons nos différents chemins
United together on our different paths
Rassemblons les Républiques et les Royautés
Assemble the republics and the kingdoms
O rganisons-nous pour construire l’Egalité
Let us build equality together
Partenaires de paix et de Fraternité
Partners for peace and fellowship
E nsemble construisons une vraie Citoyenneté
Together, build true citizenship.