Pax Christi Australia

The raindrop that links us to God;
a silver chord of communication
that links heaven and earth;
an invisible line of communication through which
God hears our prayer.

The rain represents the “blessings”
poured out by God upon his people
throughout the world.

The earth divided into many nations,
different cultures - red, yellow, black and white.
The earth which God has created in all its glory.

The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
The very soul of love who created


These are the feelings I share with all who strive for peace. The design comes from nature which, when observed very closely, can be used to express your innermost feelings.

This particular design tells of God’s creation, his/her people, and how close s/he can be to his/her people when called upon. Prayer and striving for what is right can bring peace among people in our world; red, yellow, black or white, we share a lot in common. We have a soul full of beauty and wonder. Created in God’s image, we are one. The water of life, raindrops from heaven, set against the backdrop of the universe - a universe which itself continually unfolds its own history of God’s omnipotence.


Jillimablu, George M. Riley,
Mt. Myloy
Far North Queensland